The EPL – English Premiere League

The EPL – English Premiere League

The English Premiere league is truly the most popular sporting league on earth, providing views of the world’s best football, all played in the small UK. Players aspire to reach it’s pitches from across the world, with player salaries rivaling that of any professional elite. Strict standards govern the budget and marketing perspectives of clubs and the league defines a standard of sportsmanship and quality of play unrivaled in all of sport.

As the top league in the UK pyramid of football play, teams in lower levels both and admire the league, and aspire to reach it by any means necessary. Across the Island, the leadership of the premiere leagues clubs resounds a sense of character and sporting rivalry at all age groups, developing a sense of performance that characterizes the football elite.

A Champion is Crowned

While all the world admires the Premiere league, local fans continue to enjoy season tickets and club-like atmosphere within the local community. Countless development leagues, teams, clinics, and camps are a part of the UK culture and continue to act a model for the Sporting community around the world.

Of course, the English Premiere League sports the highest paid, most famous athletes from around the world, but also takes great pride in developing local talents within its tier system. The pyramid structure has teams competing nearly year around to gain access to the big league on the Island. In the evenings, the EPL becomes available to every television owner in the UK, and countless homes across the world, inspiring a sense of athletics and dignity within all cultures.


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