‘The Crabble’

Mar 07, 15 ‘The Crabble’

From 1931, onward, Crabble Upper grounds has been the greatest place in Southeastern UK to relax and take in a match of the home Whites, or any football you might play. Set amidst the rolling hills, historic Crabble has defined a football generation in the region, playing host to countless matches. For those who understand the local mentality, set in as beautiful a setting as can be found in the all of England, Crabble defines a life of hard work and excellence in the football pitch. Carved out of a hillside, and laying just a stones throw to the white clfiff’s themselves, the Crabble holds over 1,000 seats and space for thousands more in the standing room only area.

With a slightly settled spot among coastal winds, the winds can bluster a bit, but generally play as a home field advantage for those who understand the way the ball conducts itself in the hills. Players have chased the round conductor across the hills assigning more strength and ethic than could comply with any line of Wembley dreams. Crushing defeats and soaring victories, water and alcohol served within a meter of each-other, to players and fans; cigarettes once so stained the grounds, that players would smoke just off the bench, at some time. Neither here nor there, if you don’t know the history of the Crabble, you would even still begin to understand by observing it amongst the rolling the hills. While diminutive in stature, the natural stadium build-up impresses all who attend.