History of Dover Football

Apr 17, 15 History of Dover Football

A lot of quality footballer’s found a home at Dover, in the Whites. Jason Bartlett, as strong a left back as you can find on the Island, was no stranger to mixing it up with opponents at the Crabble. Although mild-mannered and a complete pro, in every regard, including accompaniments and friends who may have even worked their way past him in terms of raw ability; Bartlett oversaw epic matches at the Crabble. Crowds swelling to over 4,000 looked to him with admiration as he leads the defensive unit.

Mark Harrop calls the Dover grounds his best man, and often reminisces about his time in the Dover family. A solid player, Mark was a right place at the right time goal scorer with a frozen rope shot. He could also distribute the ball through the mid and advanced field. Although not quite as the living legend, Mark was as solid a player as ever wore the Whites. \Tim Dixon was a local boy who crafted an international career based on a workman’s perspective of football. Keen around the goal and a flair for the spectacular, playing at home his whole life seemed a bit haunted for Tim, as he explored options at larger clubs. Eventually, the native son returned home to please the Crabble crowds in which he sat, and goaled, as a lad. He was a true craftsman around the goal, but never shy to reign down on opponents.

Russell Milton proved to be the opposite of a home town boy… a tried and trained Arsenal youth player who turned in international performance and success for the UK across the world, Russell defined a team that absolutely dominated opponents in 1990 – only to be held back by the state of the Crabble and a personal problems in the organization. Milton looks back on the tough decision to leave the club, but perhaps looks back on what Dover could have been in the Football league and up.

Finally, Iain O’Connell, as tough a workman as laid to the pitch. The heart and should of defense renowned for not letting up on opponents even inside the 6. Decided matches with his determination and attacked well from the defensive, when it was called.

These lads are the history of football tradition.

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