Dover and Crabble Stadium

Feb 14, 15 Dover and Crabble Stadium

The home Whites are a decider for the Dover Athletic Football Club, as they hold a decided advantage at the Crabble stadium, located just outside Dover. It isn’t intimidation that stuns the opponents, but more-so the history of the club and pride in representing the area that so defines the home dominance.

Historically, Dover has been well bunkered atop the White Cliffside.  Pictures by Football Stato

Amazing Goal in the Whites!!

The home-field is no different with the local crowds reigning down with eyes pinned on their opponents. Though opponents need not fear the battle of canons, the barrage of shots on goal is a primary directive of the local squad, dividing the sentiment of attacking from the defensive mid.

While the home club enjoyed play-off success in the last year; they are missing the fold a bit this year, despite a number of solid outings which representing the history of the club well. Hard work and fair play defined the mix throughout the year and that served to put the Whites on the cusp this year, but finally settling around the 8thposition.

With Crabble grounds mystique swaying the lads on the pitch, the club looked itself throughout and matched grit with the larger signings, which may be more a sign of inflation that results, in the first year. Perhaps they should insider adding a parking spot with the nameplate of the boys, or maybe that’s a bit harsh. But, at times, it seemed the club was attempting to climb it’s own cliff’s when playing abroad. The White cliff’s remain, as the Whites will take to the field where history has long been sought.

Dover Athletic F.C.

The Dover Athletic F.C., as it stands today, is well beyond the historic tradition of its current formation. Dating back to 1888, the Whites have represented the Cliffside town with grit and determination, defining the community with it’s hard work and sense of community pride. A fair amount of quality players and people have come up in the program and the cultures has sought to define a sense of tradition that dwelt within the community, at large. Aside from the fate and quarrels that occurred, not a cleaner shade of the Cliffside has represented itself in the Southeast, as the team has played wiling host to a number of players looking forward, a bit, to their time down in the dock’s city.


All in all, the crew has dealt with the winds of change and time, and the club has changed hands a few times, but all places have their comings and goings. Lads playing off frustrations or defending their home-grounds; or hoping on the bus to bring a sense of hurt to the opponents; Dover F.C. has had affair share of hard play. Setting atop the Play-offs in the last year, the team cooled down this year, to land 8th their 6th tiered section. Expectations failed to produce a move to the upper league, and Dover will place its hopes on the next year, as the season moves towards a close.

Dover F.C. are Champions!!

Only the next year will bring the kind of excitement back to the Whites, despite their record spending in the last term, at topping 50,000 pounds for the transferred rights to a player riding the border or semi-pro.

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