CPL – Conference Premiere League, Level 5-6

Jan 03, 15 CPL – Conference Premiere League, Level 5-6

The conference premier league is a regionally defined league consisting of the 67 all-conference teams divided a premiere league and two sub-conferences, Northern and Southern. The league’s, respectively, are the level 5 and 6 or the UK football association pyramid. The Bristol Rovers sport the largest stadium, hosting up to12,500, while all teams meet a stadium standard for league participation.
Clubs with well over 100 years of tradition define the aspiring football clubs, placing value on the quality of play and the development of football players at a club level. Known for its determination and opportunity at reaching the “football league” as many of the players call the premiere league, teams battle for promotion against relegation within regional conferences.

The Stadiums of the Conference Premiere League

The playoffs structure of the league brings the top 5 finishers in each conference and sets them against each-other in a seeded conference tourney. At the level 5, the playoff culminates at Wembley stadium, this year, where the conference champions are crowned, and promoted to the fourth level.
While not home to the absolute best football on the Island, the Conference provides no shortage of quality football and leadership. The development standards for players offer chances to ascend semi and full time pro leagues and gain national recognition with tv coverage, all while collecting a paycheck for the game they love to play.

Stadiums such as that which plays home to the Bristol Rovers can hold upwards of 13,000 fans, all seeking a good shout, a good time, and catching eye on the true pitch. So, you can be sure that supporting your local team will be well rewarded in this league, steeped in tradition.

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